The remarkable story of two children whose mother abandoned them and who later reconnected.

This incredible story happened in Colorado. One day, Miss Page took a boy, and a year later a girl, she could not even think that they would turn out to be siblings. After the woman divorced her husband, she decided to change her life radically. She changed her place of residence, work and surroundings.

She went to meet the church and began working as a guardian in the center where the boys and girls, who were left by their parents, live.At first, this work was very depressing for her, it was hard for her. But gradually she got involved and fell in love with this process. Soon the woman realized that she wanted to take a boy from this center. He was 4 days old.

His mother left him. Miss Page took custody of the boy. She gave him the name Grayson while all the social services were looking for his real parents. The search was unsuccessful and the woman was handed documents. So, Grayson became her son officially. But this is not the end of the story.

Miss Page received a call a few days later and was asked to pick up another boy or girl from the center. The woman in labor had abandoned her. The woman felt compelled to bring this girl home. Miss Page has finally met the young lady. The most astonishing part is that a bracelet with Grayson’s parent’s names was tied to the little handle.

The woman tracked down Hannah’s (the girl’s) birth mother’s address and met with her. She stated that she knew nothing about her son and that she was expecting her third child. Katie Page informed her supervisor, who did a series of checks and determined that the boy and girl were related.

This, however, is not the conclusion of the story. After all, the errant mother quickly declined the third child. Katie Page has already taken over. – Then my enormous family will be complete! – a delighted Paige exclaims.

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