2-year-old immediately calms crying baby sister in viral video

As we near the close of an extraordinarily challenging 2020, here’s some advice for the new year: “It’s fine. Take a long, deep breath.” No, this isn’t a meditation guru’s catchphrase; it’s what a two-year-old told his wailing baby sister to quiet her down. The video of the cute big brother later went viral on TikTok, and it was the first time their mother had ever posted anything on the site.

According to Kristen Reformato of New Jersey, this isn’t the first time Beau, two, has soothed his six-month-old sister, Ainsley. She was eventually able to capture the occasion on camera. Of course, such adorableness must be shared. Beau is clutching a toy truck in the popular video footage, which shows the two brothers laying side by side in bed. When Ainsley begins to cry, Beau says, “It’s okay! It’s okay!” she says sweetly.

Then he turns to face his sister, who is suddenly quiet, and murmurs, “Take a deep breath.” And he shows her how to take a yogic breath. This happened while Reformato was getting them ready for a sleep, but she wanted to capture a picture for her husband first. When Beau started soothing the wailing baby, the camera was ready.

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