This woman Uses Public Toilets As He Needs His “Me Time” In Their Toilet.

The flat is owned by my spouse and me, so leaving isn’t an easy option. However, he has many other options besides the bathroom for seclusion, including the apartment’s two bedrooms and his own office space, which he frequently uses. Additionally, he works from home and has shorter hours than I do, so he already gets some alone time.My husband (40M) and I (37F) share a bathroom in our apartment.

He spends more than 40 minutes in the morning going to the restroom, using the restroom, sitting on the toilet, checking emails, looking through social media, and, of course, returning emails. To be crystal clear, he has no IG difficulties that call for that much time on the bathroom floor; it is entirely a “me time” thing.

The problem is that I have to use the restroom in the morning as well. We eat similarly, so it shouldn’t be surprising that I typically need to use the restroom around the same time he does. It is uncomfortable and inconvenient for me to have to text my spouse practically every morning to inquire about his progress. Although I am aware that everyone poop, I dislike having to announce it and ask to use the restroom practically every day.

He doesn’t need to remain there for 40 minutes, and he’s causing this bothersome and embarrassing problem, which is my problem. I questioned him directly about it, and he admitted that while he typically completes tasks quickly, he enjoys some alone time. Why he can’t spend time alone almost anywhere else besides the one place in our apartment that must be kept private and alone eludes me.

He claims it’s not the same even though I’ve told him I’ll leave him alone and ask that he do it somewhere else.He recently agreed to a 10-minute time limit when I requested him to do so.

I complained that having to urge him to hurry up or use a public restroom close to our house when you really need to use the restroom is awkward. He called me a jerk for attempting to manage his restroom usage. However, I believe that by choosing the ONE ROOM in our apartment that is really essential for spending quality time alone, he is being an AH. A Jerk Am I?

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