A generous 8-year-old raised $120,815 for his favorite waiter after learning that he was in need after his car broke down.

A good-hearted 8-year-old launched a $5k GoFundMe for his favorite waiter after learning that the young father of two was suffering and had to walk to work since his car broke down. The GoFundMe ended up garnering more than $120,000 for the young man. at tiny Rock, Arkansas, where Kayzen Hunter frequently has breakfast with his family, tiny Kayzen always requests a seat at Devonte’s, his favorite waiter’s area.

I always give him a high five when he comes in, Devonte added.Devonte has become known to Kayzen and his family through the years, and they refer to him and his optimistic outlook as “a light in the world.” Devonte also knows that Kayzen enjoys a cheese-topped hash brown, an Arnold Palmer, and scrambled eggs with no toast.

And he always knows precisely what I want: hash browns with cheese and eggs with cheese, Kayzen remarked, “Devonte always treats everyone with kindness.””He’s a great child. Every time he enters, he tells me a joke like, “Hey, Devonte, I got a joke for you,” and the next thing we know, we’re both laughing. “I love working at Waffle House because, basically, you know, every day I get to meet new people and brighten their day.

I arrive with a cheerful disposition. I am positive with everyone. I adore seeing everyone smile. One week Devonte’s car broke down, and since he couldn’t afford to replace it, he began taking the bus and walking to get to the Waffle House. During one of their frequent trips, Kayzen and his family struck up a chat with him. They learnt about his car and, after delving a little deeper, discovered his challenging living situation.

Devonte formerly resided in a dilapidated apartment with his wife and two daughters; however, mold had made his daughters ill, so he moved them all into a motel where they had been staying for the past eight months while paying $60 per day. “I give all of my tips and other gifts to my children. I spend $60 a day for the accommodation, Devonte revealed.One day after school, Kayzen came home and told his mother that he wanted to start a GoFundMe to aid Devonte after learning about his predicament.

Vittoria Hunter, Kayzen’s mother, stated, “He came home and informed me that, “Hey, Mom, Devonte walks or gets a ride to work and I’m going to start a GoFundMe.” ‘Well, okay, that’s pretty sweet,’ I thought. It’s a wise move. with his GoFundMe, which his mother assisted him with creating, Kayzen wrote the following:

I’m Kayzen, and I’m eight years old. I want to help Devonte, a buddy I met and got to know via breakfast at Waffle House, by raising money. Devonte is a dedicated father of two little daughters who also has a wife. He commutes to work every day on foot or by car because he is a committed employee. His family was unfortunate to wind up in a home filled with black mold while he was shopping for a decently priced automobile.

He had to get his kids out, which put him behind schedule. We are now assisting him with moving into a tidy rental home, but we want to do even more to help him by raising money for a trustworthy car he can use to transport his family and go to and from work. One of the happiest and most upbeat people you’ve ever met is Devonte! He always extends the widest smile when he meets us.

I’m hoping your heart is as big as mine and that you’ll join me in trying to make the world a better place. Any amount is helpful.Devonte had indicated he was looking for a new car, but that his plans had been put on hold owing to his housing condition. Kayzen’s goal was to raise $5,000 to assist Devonte in purchasing a new car.

While contributions were first slow, as word of what young Kayzen was trying to do for his favorite server grew, generous people from all around the world began to support him online. In total, Kayzen raised $120,815 to help Devonte and his young daughters live better lives. Devonte was shocked to learn what his young pal, who is 8 years old, had done for him.

“I began to cry… I had been battling in silence and didn’t want to beg for anything, Devonte said. Devonte is seeking to buy a family sedan or minivan now that he and his family have been able to move into a pleasant and secure apartment. He intends to save the remainder of the money for his daughters. Devonte declared, “I’m going to save the rest because I want to enroll my daughters in a good school and a good environment.”

“Everything I receive is mostly going to my girls in order to ensure that they lead fantastic lives. Make sure we’ll never struggle again. Kayzen and his family just recently ran into Devonte at the Waffle House, where Vittoria quickly snapped this picture of a beaming Devonte:He is a cheerful young man. Devonte said of Kayzen, “He has a very big heart, and I’m grateful he came into my life.

Kayzen’s father, Korey Hunter, revealed that Kayzen’s middle name is truly Love.

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