Mom Sets Up Hidden Camera, Catches Her Husband In The Act With Young Daughter.

Mother Rejuena intended to record her children’s adorable moments when she installed a hidden camera in her home. She had no idea what the camera had captured. She set up the camera to record films to send to the children’s grandmother, but the main attraction was not who she had expected.

Rejuena’s unnamed spouse is shown doing chores while their child dances to Katy Perry’s Extraterrestrial while holding pom poms in the video. The couple’s second child is sitting in the corner in a bouncy chair.

Despite his enormous size, it doesn’t take long for the father to leave his job and join his daughter in performing the robot dance and a ballet. The father does diva-like dances with his hands on his hips as the girl continues to dance with pom poms.

He leans down, poking his tongue out and leaping up and down, to include the infant in the dance. “Are you dancing?” the father asks his daughter as the infant laughs. He starts the amusing dance move with both pom poms and his knees bowed.

His daughter grabs one pom pom, and the father spins the other until his performance is finished. He then takes a step back, dropping it like a microphone.

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