Expecting Mom Says She Will Not Accept Hand-Me-Downs At Her Baby Shower

What are your thoughts on hand-me-downs? This mother is not a fan, and she does not want them for her new kid. She faced outrage after including a ‘no hand-me-downs’ request on her baby shower invitations, so she turned to Reddit to find out if she was doing something wrong.A woman recently asked on the popular Reddit site “Am I the Asshole” whether she was incorrect to add a no-hand-me-downs request on her baby shower invites.

She describes herself as 35 years old and expecting her first child. Her family’s last baby was 13 years ago on her side and over 40 years ago on her husband’s. She claims they received a wooden cradle from her husband’s relatives, but she is concerned about fabric stuff (mainly clothing). She is scared of the state that fabric items will be in after being stored for so many years following a traumatic experience with baby blankets from her mother.”

I can’t imagine how any fabric item would look after so many years.” All I can think about are the blankets my mother knitted. My mother sewed baby blankets when I was a teenager, but they were discovered coated in mold, mouse droppings, and bugs after only 5 years in the attic. I don’t believe any fabric that ancient. It would never feel clean to me.”

She put the disclaimer on her invitations because she knew she’d just throw away any hand-me-downs and didn’t want people bringing her sentimental gifts that she’d trash away. However, she now claims that her invitees are accusing her of being greedy, selfish, and believing that her kid is more deserving than the rest of their children.

The internet overwhelmingly supported the mother-to-be’s family, claiming it was exceedingly impolite of her to include such a request in the invitation.To begin, most users stated that hand-me-downs, when properly stored, are absolutely clean and safe to pass on to someone else.”Clothes that old, if properly stored, are acceptable. We still had clothes from when our now-adult children were little.

They’ve spent the entire time in storage bins. “Those blankets weren’t properly stored, which is how they got moldy and mouse droppings on them,” one user explained. Another user agrees, and goes so far as to imply that clothing hand-me-downs may not be the gifts she should be concerned about.“Agreed.

YTA for being impolite on your invitations and not realizing that properly preserved garments can be used for decades. Also, OP, please look into infant product safety requirements. Hand-me-down cradles are far more likely to cause problems than secondhand apparel.”

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