Nurse meets old patient who thanks her for her care, only to find out that she has passed away hours ago

When a night-shift nurse was checking on her patients, she had an odd meeting with an old woman.Grandma Chen, an old woman, had been admitted to a hospital as a long-term patient after being diagnosed with cancer a few years before. She had grown acquainted with the nurses and hospital personnel since she enjoyed conversing with them whenever she had the opportunity.

The staff appreciates her brightness and conversational personality, as the majority of patients in long-term care choose not to engage in conversation beyond basic greetings. While the other patients’ families and friends visited them on a regular basis, Grandma Chen never had any visitors. She stated that her son had not contacted her in over 20 years and that she has no living relatives.

When a nurse entered her room one night, she was seated on a chair, looking out the window. Because her room was on the 7th level, she got a fantastic view.
She was softly humming and didn’t turn to greet the nurse as she usually did. When she saw the nurse walk in, she smiled and said, “Thank you for taking care of me all this time, I’m going to leave here very soon.” My buddies are already waiting for me to leave this hospital.”

The nurse approached the window and spotted a gathering of men and women sitting on the chairs outside. She considered the scene odd because they were dressed in 1960s attire. One of them appeared to look up at the window and wave. She then left the ward to continue her work. The next day, she told her colleagues about Grandma Chen’s bizarre behavior the night before, and they could only gaze at her in full and absolute bewilderment.

It is usual routine for nurses to properly inspect the wards after the patient has been released. After they had recovered from their shock, one of her coworkers informed her that Grandma Chen had died the day before at lunchtime. She had gone to clear up her ward herself. The nurse became pale as the realization dawned on her.

She thought it was her imagination, but she’d be lying to herself if she thought so. Despite the fact that Grandma Chen was staying on the 7th floor, she instantly remembered what she observed outside the window during the incident that night. Instead of being terrified by the experience, the nurse felt honored when Grandma Chen thanked her before leaving with her friends.

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