Couple Makes Last-Ditch Attempt After Man Drops Engagement Ring in Water During Proposal

Brian Quercia proposed to his girlfriend, Anna Davis, in February at Tybee Island’s North Beach. He’d chosen the ring and planned the perfect way to propose to her. But what he didn’t expect was to lose the ring in the water!Brian dropped down on one knee and proposed to Anna, who said yes! When Brian tried to put the ring on her finger, he found that it was no longer in the ring box. It was nowhere to be found.

“At first, I didn’t believe him,” Anna admitted, thinking Brian was pulling a practical joke on her. “I had only seen it for a couple of seconds.”Brian and Anna turned to a Tybee Island Facebook page for assistance in their desperate search for the missing ring. Fortunately, a stranger on the internet was able to locate the ring the following day after just searching for around 20 minutes in the location of the proposal.

He then gave the ring back to the couple. They were overjoyed and exhaled a sigh of relief that the engagement ring was no longer missing!Now that the ring drama is over, the pair is looking into wedding locations in Savannah, Georgia, where they first met.

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