“A woman from the United States finally becomes a mother after 5 miscarriages and 15 years of struggle.”

Jenny Hill’s attempt to become a mother has spanned 15 years, involving five miscarriages and the obstacle of a rare chromosomal abnormality. Despite the hardships, she never gave up hope and inspired other women to follow their own routes to motherhood. Jenny had the agony of losing her babies during early pregnancy for three years in a row.

Her spouse abandoned her during this trying time, leaving her to grieve alone for nine years. Jenny’s life changed when she met John, her second husband, who restored her confidence.The couple attempted to procreate naturally, but Jenny’s chromosomal abnormality resulted in two more tragic losses. With a 95% likelihood of miscarriage, they attempted in vitro fertilization and were successful in obtaining two healthy embryos.

Jenny’s uterus was successfully implanted with one of them. Jenny became a mother for the first time on January 25, 2017, when her long-awaited daughter was born. Harper Grace Hill, their “rainbow baby,” represented the hope and happiness that may result from perseverance in the face of adversity. Jenny couldn’t believe her dream had come true and treasured every time she spent with her daughter.

Jenny, grateful to God for her “rainbow baby,” shared her story on a website in the hopes of inspiring others. Harper is now a year old, walks, and provides her parents everyday joy, who are still amazed by their newfound happiness. Jenny’s tale shows that even in the face of enormous obstacles, dreams may come true.

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