To persuade her parents, the girl created a comic book in which she plays with this blind cat.

The attraction that developed between Britta Bergeson, 8, and a cat named Justice is best described as “love at first sight.” To put it bluntly, from half a glance, because when the animal was brought to the shelter, her eyes were so badly damaged that veterinarians had to remove them. When the girl saw a photo of a completely blind Justice on the shelter’s website, she declared to her entire family, “She will live with me!” But what rational parent would want to adopt a blind animal as a child?

Did Britta’s refusal deter her? At least three times. The girl proved to be more persistent and intelligent than the other adults. She approached the issue of parental indoctrination creatively, rather than throwing tantrums and begging for a cat. And she drew a comic book, in which Britta plays with a blind cat.

You’ve already figured it out, haven’t you? The eight-year-old girl was well aware of Justice’s main problem, did not shy away from it, and wanted to assist the blind cat. The unfortunate creature has become a symbol of care for her, a creature in desperate need of love and affection. And the chances of getting them from Justice are slim — who needs a blind cat besides Brita?

Drawing comics was interspersed with stories about how she would organize Justice’s life and care for her. Parents listened and then gave up. Britta only needed one cat, Justice, when the family went to the shelter a few weeks later. And that, as the volunteers and parents discovered to their surprise, required a girl. Instead of showing natural caution, the blind animal clung to the new owner and purred.

Justice has been replaced by good fortune. Britta came to this conclusion. On their way back from the shelter, the girl exclaimed, “We are lucky to have her, and she is lucky that we took her away!” So, good luck.

Luck began to leave Britta’s room and explore the surroundings on the third day. The blind cat has perfected her navigation in her new home, which always surprises the Bergesons’ guests. Mom admits that she is now embarrassed that she did not want to take the cat to her because she has turned out to be so affectionate and responsive.

Luck enjoys spending time with his new family members, playing, carrying various items, and watching them mess around in the house in the morning. Everyone loves the cat, and the shelter is overjoyed that she is in such good care. Britta and Luck are both of the same mind.

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