The well-known beauty went to school. How she got her job

Nastya, who was named the most beautiful girl in the world by the British tabloid The Daily Mail in 2017, went to school. The beauty of nature was enhanced by the schoolgirl’s luxuriant long locks, blue eyes, a tidy nose, and a doll’s face.

Nastya’s success prompted modeling opportunities. At the age of 2.5, she debuted in the modeling industry, starring in a commercial for children’s apparel. She has already been the face of the Australian fashion label Little Miss Aoki’s collection at the age of five.

Nastya has an elder brother who is also a student. He is extremely involved in chess and occasionally appears in ads alongside his sister, but he regards this as a non-manly occupation.

Nastya is working hard to advance her career. She has previously worked with tiny clothing companies such as Chobi Kids, I am Special, Kenguru, and Keti One. Nastya’s mother desires that her daughter obtain a well-rounded education, and she intends to send her not only to a general education school, but also to a dance and music school.

Nastya’s mother, Anna Knyazeva, was responsible for her daughter’s success and popularity. She created an Instagram page for her daughter and often posted images of her, and her mother herself contacted modeling agencies and looked for castings for her daughter. Anna had previously worked as a model and was familiar with the characteristics of this employment as well as the casting conditions.

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