This Woman wants her fiancé to send his 4-year-old away or give her up for adoption because…

I am the youngest of three children in a blended family. I have two half siblings and two half brothers. My sisters were in their twenties and my brothers were in their early twenties when my parents married. I can attest that there are certain difficulties in seamlessly joining families and being a decent stepparent.

There are several things you can do to ease the transition. Discuss with your spouse what kind of involvement they and the stepchild’s other biological parent are okay with you playing in your stepchild’s life. Take your time getting to know your stepchild. When things get tough, take it slow and focus on the positives. And please, please, please do not recommend that your partner place their child for adoption.

That last one should seem obvious, but one woman resorted to Facebook to ask for help getting rid of her fiancé’s 4-year-old kid.The soon-to-be stepmother voiced certain views that members in the Facebook group CTL+ALT+DELETE That Relationship found repugnant in a post to the group. She began her narrative by discussing her own pregnancy, which is 7 months along with a baby girl, and how eager she is to welcome her daughter into the world.

But she shifts her focus from her own child to her fiance’s 4-year-old daughter, especially how to persuade him to place her for adoption.Her fiancé is a widower who lost his daughter’s mother. He’d been raising his small daughter as a single parent since her death.”I am not the stepmother type, and I know I won’t treat his daughter the same way I will treat our child,” she says in her essay. “To be honest, she irritates the hell out of me.”

She went on to say that his daughter is really connected to him. “I am concerned that this will weaken my child’s bond with her father,” she wrote.”Basically, I want to tell my fiance to get rid of her, and she can go live with her grandparents.” She concluded her alarming statement by stating that she is not a horrible person and is only concerned about the well-being of her unborn daughter.

After finishing this post, I had to sit back in my chair in silence for a few moments to process everything. I also paused to examine whether the user was simply being a troll and fabricating a narrative to incite a frenzy. If so, mission achieved.Assuming for a second that the poster isn’t a troll and is being honest, I have to ask if her fiancé was aware of this information about her.

I’ve heard several stories about people marrying their dream spouses and wives only to have them drastically transform after marriage.Establishing your preferences early on is a crucial element of dating. If this woman didn’t want to be a stepparent, she had plenty of ways to avoid becoming one. She could have told the guy she’d just started dating, “I don’t really want to be a step parent,” and found herself a wonderful single, childless guy to date.

The issue has been resolved. Instead, she likely waits years before considering placing the girl for adoption. The woman who wrote this Facebook post was roundly chastised by the community, and it was well deserved. “I hope your fiancé realizes he is about to marry the wrong woman because the right woman would love and raise that beautiful little girl as her own,” remarked one Facebook user.

Another person makes an excellent point: “That poor baby lost her mother, and you want to take away her father?” “I hope you get dumped soon.” Some speculated that it was a false troll message, but one member responded with a personal anecdote.”It happens,” they said. “My mother’s boyfriend wanted her to move in with him and leave my two younger brothers in my care because he wanted all of the attention for himself.”

In reality, the worst-case situation for the 4-year-old girl in this article is that the mom does not say any of this and instead treats her stepdaughter horribly, as her posts suggest. For the sake of the small kid, I hope her husband realizes she has this side to her and ditches her right away.

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