A brilliant 12-year-old graduates from college and then decides to return to high school.

Fiona Currie, a talented 12-year-old girl, recently graduated from college with a perfect 4.0 GPA, but she is now returning to high school.The majority of individuals look forward to significant events or dates on the calendar. Many teenagers express a desire to be able to drive or to graduate from high school and move out. For others, it could be the day they say “I do,” have their first kid, or retire.

But isn’t this just wishing one’s life away and failing to properly appreciate the time God has given us?Fiona Currie, a 12-year-old girl from California, was born with exceptional intelligence. Fiona is now the youngest graduate of Los Angeles City College, according to CNBC. She earned an associate degree from the school of higher learning. Fiona enrolled in her first college course at the age of nine and received a “A” grade.

She then received a “A” in every subsequent class on her way to a perfect GPA. “The only reason I like college is that it gives me something to work on,” Fiona explained to ABC 7. “It also provides me with numerous opportunities to expand my artistic abilities.”So, what’s next for Fiona, who already has a college degree and can drive? She’s off to high school now.

Fiona’s parents want to give her time to pursue hobbies and recognize that life isn’t a race. Sure, it sounds backward, but her parents, Roderick and Blanca, have a legitimate reason for sending their talented daughter to high school. They want to give her time to have fun and enjoy herself. “We just wanted her to be who she is, to be herself, and not be associated with a number, score, or anything like that,” Roderick explained.

“Life isn’t a race… It’s not about who gets to their career the quickest.” Fiona is looking forward to high school as well. “Slowing down the pace will be a little more relaxing, and it will give me more time to enjoy my hobbies,” she explained. Future planning is a beneficial and required activity. However, looking forward to exceptional occasions years in the future can drive people to overlook today. Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow. We all have a finite amount of time, so why not make the most of it? Life is already moving at a breakneck pace.

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