Guinness World Records has certified the world’s oldest known human at 116 years old.

Masako Mizutani, 50, a model for a well-known Japanese magazine, frightens a huge group of people. She is strikingly beautiful, graceful, and elegant, with immaculate taste and elegance that has earned her tremendous admiration both at home and abroad. The lady has a twenty-year-old daughter who appears to be her mother’s companion at first impression.Masako’s ten-year career began with a television appearance.

The Japanese were taken aback to see their beautiful friend seemingly stuck in time. The lady revealed her tricks for looking young and fresh. Since then, this ageless beauty has been blogging about her experiences with anti-aging treatments and practices. Its followers include both men and women.Masako’s name has recently gained great awareness outside of Japan.

People in China and Taiwan can now put a face to his name. He has nearly ten thousand followers on his microblog only in China. According to the model, mental health is equally as important as natural cosmetics and gentle facial exercises.Put an end to insults, send forth positive thoughts and feelings to everyone, greet each day with delight and appreciation, and freely share your joy with everyone around you.

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