Because of a unique genetic feature, a 19-year-old may look and behave considerably differently every day.

Every time, a young kid must persuade his peers that he is indeed from India. Aviral Chauhan’s white complexion perplexes his colleagues.Vitiligo is a rare skin disorder. Melanin pigmentation loss in specific skin areas is an obvious symptom of this illness.Early on, the 19-year-old figured out how to use this function. By the age of 14, her vitiligo had spread to the majority of her body.

Aviral Chauhan’s previous associates no longer recognize him.He occasionally has difficulty placing himself in old photographs of himself. For me, the first sign of what would become widespread vitiligo was a white spot. At school, he was often teased and humiliated by his classmates. There were numerous enquiries about me made to my parents.
At one time, everyone wondered if I had been adopted.

Aviral Chauhan would now have to demonstrate his ethnicity to his superiors on a regular basis. It’s not surprising, then, that many internet commenters have accused him of cultural appropriation. Being accused of cultural appropriation is one of the most vexing things anyone has ever said to me. I want people to realize that I am an Indian. Aviral has been more accepting of criticism and scorn from his peers since graduating from high school. He attributes his accomplishment to his family’s constant love and support.

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