Thanks to an Instagrammer’s plea, Grandpa’s little YouTube channel receives nearly 500K subscribers.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, many people devised novel ways to avoid the isolation that came with lockdowns and quarantines. Because the majority of the world’s population remained at home, everyone relocated their conversations and interactions online. However, an older guy from Clearfield, Utah, went a step farther. He went on social media and saw this grandpa’s YouTube channel, which featured him doing things he would regularly do with his grandchildren.’

Grandpa Reads Comics’ is precisely what it is. Craig Hansen enjoys reading comic books to his children and grandchildren but has been unable to do so due to the pandemic. So, in May 2020, he used social media to stay in touch with his family while also reaching out to others who could need a grandfather like him through a difficult time. According to the creator’s YouTube page, the kind grandfather can play the banjo, ukulele, piano, and ping pong.

Grandpa Reads the Comics shows Hansen doing things he loves to do for his grandkids - like reading the comics.

Hansen claims he isn’t particularly skilled at all of them, but his abilities are more than adequate for a grandfather.’Grandpa Reads the Comics’ portrays Hansen doing everyday things like playing the piano, dancing, and making a smoothie, interspersed with amusing jokes, wise advice, and emotional thoughts on life.As considerate and charming as the grandpa’s YouTube channel is, it is understandable that it was forgotten in the vast ocean of available social media outlets on the internet.

With only 200 subscribers, the uploaded films had little views, and there had been no fresh posts in almost a year. That all changed when a stranger saw the channel and, out of generosity, encouraged his own followers to check it out.Cole Caetano, also known as @karvetv on Instagram, shared a video featuring grandpa’s YouTube channel on April 18. He revealed that he observed that all of the videos finished with a positive message for the viewers. He then requested that his 155,000 followers persuade Grandpa Reads the Comics to return.

Grandpa Reads the Comics received over 180,000 subscribers in two days, which was absolutely incredible.New subscribers flocked to watch the channel’s most current video, which was released in September 2021. It showed Hansen sharing a “Dennis the Menace” comic with his followers, as well as encouraging affirmations and guidance.Thousands of people made comments beneath the upload, applauding the elderly gentleman and pleading with him to resume the recordings.

A shoutout from popular Instagrammer Cole Caetano helped boost the grandpa's YouTube channel.

The senior YouTuber returned to the channel just a day later in a YouTube video that was originally filmed for his TikTok account, where he now has 78,800 followers. In the video, he acknowledged all of his new supporters “and all of the new friends we have,” and vowed to release a new video every day. In a subsequent TikTok video, he directly commented to the expansion of his YouTube channel and showed his gratitude to his new followers, saying, “you’ve like, breathed life into this old man.”

Caetano’s Instagram post has since received over 2 million likes and around 7,000 comments, with many people noting that they have subscribed to grandpa’s YouTube channel.Grandpa Reads the Comics currently has over 490,00 subscribers and 545 videos thanks to this surprise mention. Caetano’s post may seem odd, but it’s not the first time he’s helped bring attention to unknown content makers. @karvetv has often asked his fans to watch and support Twitch streamers that have few to no viewers.

When asked why he assists unknown content creators, Caetano stated, “I truly enjoy what I do.” There is no better feeling than assisting someone else.” Hansen appeared in an Instagram video with @karvetv after the grandpa’s YouTube channel shot to stardom, expressing gratitude for the Instagrammer and the attention he’d given to his channel.”If there was a Mount Rushmore of people who have aided my life, you’d be on my Mouth Rushmore, buddy,” he said.

He also used puppets to entertain his followers.

Caetano also expressed his gratitude for the support for ‘Grandpa Reads the Comics,’ writing, “We truly have the most loving community on the planet.” You have no idea how much each of you means to me; the number of lives we have changed as a group effort is more than wonderful; the simple act of visiting their website for a minute and hitting a few buttons makes all the difference.

Hansen often played the banjo in his videos.

“Let’s continue to grow a kind community so that we can consistently do amazing things for the wonderful human beings who deserve it,” he continued. It can be difficult to navigate social media, but there is a lot of healthy positive content out there, which thankfully gets a little more mileage with the help of social media advocates. So, if you’re looking for some grandfatherly wisdom and fun in your life, Grandpa Reads the Comics might be the channel for you.

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