Watch the Funny Video!! We Can’t Stop Smiling After Toddler Beats Dad In Epic Wrestling Match!

There are lots of joys that come along with being a parent. One of them is finding all sorts of fun ways to spend time with your kiddos through playing games, including ones you make up yourself. Other times, you get some inspiration from others, like this Dad did with wrestling.In a video shared on Reddit, folks are raving about how adorable this Dad and his toddler are together. With help from Dad, this little guy is able to pull off some pretty impressive wrestling moves, always able to take his opponent down with seemingly no effort.

All the while Dad is keeping a close eye on his little one, ensuring he stays safe. Our favorite move has to be the toddler’s final blow. After carefully standing on the dresser, he does the coolest somersault, “landing” on Dad in a way that keeps them both safe but ensures the toddler remains the reigning champion of the house. Between the toddler’s moves and the wrestling commentary that plays over the video, we absolutely adore this father-son moment! Watch this future wrestler have fun with Dad in the video below.


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