How did this man change his mind towards girls after spending a day wearing fake nails?

You won’t truly understand something unless you physically experience it. Caitlin Barlow, a nail technician, planned to teach her boyfriend a lesson by tricking him into wearing an unusual accessory for the entire day. He had a difficult time. 35-year-old Chris Hayes is a typical man, one who has washed and is already attractive.Chris, like virtually all males, enjoys and loves feminine beauty but knows nothing about how it is formed or how ladies deal with it in general.

However, like many males, she has a propensity of criticizing her buddy Caitlin when she spends too much time on makeup or simply going for a long period. Now is the moment to teach him a lesson. “What’s so difficult about wearing false nails?” Caitlin overheard Chris ask.Isn’t it weak of you, honey, to wear nails for a day because this is such nonsense? Prove your point with a personal example. Chris, as you know, had nowhere to go and had no idea what he was up to. And took up the challenge!

Caitlin went out of her way to create beautiful “claws” for him. The issue is not one of beauty, but of size. Come on, Uncle, how are you going to spend this day? Caitlin then openly criticized Chris’s inept attempts to execute the most mundane tasks. As a result, Chris conceded his defeat. According to him, it was as if he had to relearn everything; his brain was physically boiling from trying to figure out how to behave in this or that situation. He changed his mind regarding the girls’ lives and pledged not to complain about Caitlin again.

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