To survive, a poor woman cleans the home of a wealthy man—After ten years, he receives an unexpected phone call that changes everything.

Becky worked as a housekeeper for Gregory for ten years. She worked hard in order to provide for her two children and save money for their future education. One day, he receives an unexpected call that changes everything. Keep reading to find out why it’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.Becky has been working for Gregory since he and his previous wife Linda were a two-person family.

Despite their wealth, they were kind to Becky and spoke to her constantly. Gregory and Becky were severely touched by Linda’s untimely demise.Gregory hasn’t had anyone close to him since then save Becky, whom he treats like a daughter and confides in frequently. Gregory was grieved by Linda’s death and felt compelled to make up for her absence.He knew he had to have her when a lovely young woman caught his eye during one of his business meetings.

Gregory’s new wife, Marissa, despised Becky. They barely acknowledged her once she and her grown son moved into Gregory’s estate, and Becky was only allowed to appear in front of them while serving meals. Becky overheard Marissa on the phone with another individual one day, discussing Gregory’s suspected covid infection. She then went up the stairs to check on Gregory. Marissa flatly refused.Instead, Marissa added to Becky’s workload by spilling her glass of red wine all over the carpet.

“After you’ve cleaned the stains out of the carpet, go wash the dishes.” “My son ordered Chinese takeout for himself and his friends and trashed the dining hall,” she said. Becky got right to work to avoid further disappointing Marissa.She started by attempting to erase the red wine stain from the carpet before proceeding to the kitchen to wash the dishes.
Becky was finished when she heard the car start up.She peered inside and saw Marissa’s son driving and Marissa making her way to the passenger seat, suited for a party.

After she saw them drive away, Becky served Gregory a cup of hot soup. She snuck it upstairs to his room without waking him. Gregory had passed out from his high fever and was sleeping, something Becky was unaware of.Becky started shouting to the older man before waking him up, and he was listening without her knowing.”I miss the days when it was just you, Lindy, and me at home,” she lamented. “I made your favorite soup but don’t want to wake you up.”

“I hope you see it when you wake up,” she added, gently laying the tray on the table. “I wished I could feed you sooner, but Marissa wouldn’t let me.” Sir Gregory, please accept my apologies. “I wish I could do more to assist you,” she apologized. “I had no idea they were going out tonight.” I would have stayed, but my children are at home waiting for me. “I don’t have any more money for a babysitter, and I really need to get home soon, or else she’ll charge me more,” Becky explained as she walked slowly to the door.

Gregory pretended to be asleep while Marissa and her son talked the next morning. “What a jerk this old man is. How can we have a party here when he’s sleeping? “My friends and I won’t be able to make any noise!” grumbled the boy. “I know. “When I married him, I didn’t think he’d last this long,” Marissa groaned. Gregory realized he had made a mistake when he married her after hearing this. She didn’t give a damn about him and was only concerned with her money.

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