Very few people can solve this math problem without using a calculator

We’ve always enjoyed a good mental teaser since we were kids. We grew up reading Where’s Waldo? books and putting puzzles together. It’s difficult to resist a good riddle, difficult crossword, or arithmetic challenge. Brain games, riddles, puzzles, and optical illusions are being distributed much more quickly over the world thanks to the internet. They cause confusion, irritation, and triumph in every household or friend group they enter.

The most recent of these is a fairly basic arithmetic problem that has even self-proclaimed math experts stumped.Let’s face it: Many of us struggle with math. You have to whip out my phone calculator whenever we need to perform some quick math, whether it’s calculating a gratuity or how much your 50-kg baggage allowance is at the airport.

Many of us haven’t given much thought to the rules of mental math in years. Try to figure out the solution to the equation below. The solution is below, but don’t look until you’ve done it! You are not alone if you did not obtain the proper answer. As previously said, many of us have plainly forgotten basic math rules.

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