Men that have a habit of touching their wife’s bdy parts are very faithful.

1. Waist. When a man sincerely loves, he constantly wants to wrap his arms around his woman’s waist. This is not only a private act in which he expresses his passionate love for his wife, but it also implies to other men that she is his.

Women’s waists are fundamentally intimate, and they only allow the man they love to touch them. If a man frequently embraces you from behind, he will undoubtedly consider you number. 2. Hair Hair demonstrates a woman’s femininity and is also what her man enjoys touching.

If a man frequently strokes your hair with his hand, it communicates how much he values and cherishes you. So, no matter how busy you are, don’t neglect your hair maintenance. 3. Hands. Every man wants to brag to everyone about the woman he loves. He wants to hold your hand at all times.

If a man is not frightened to hold your hand in a busy environment, it shows how much he adores you. 4. shoulder. He always deliberately places his chin on the shoulder of the lady he loves when stroking her shoulder. Women’s shoulders are also incredibly delicate, thus not everyone is allowed to touch them. As a result, the more a man tries to touch her, the more interested she becomes.

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