8 Signals That Your Man Is Texting Another Woman

1. Discover whether he has a’spare’ phone. If you see a phone you’ve never seen before and discover he has a’spare’ phone that he won’t allow you touch, something is certainly wrong. 2. He deletes his text messages. He deletes specific text messages and clears his call log practically every day. If he had nothing to hide, this is a significant red flag that a married man is texting and maybe interested in another lady.

3. He has either locked your phone or changed the access code. If your boyfriend has locked your phone or altered the access code, it is likely that he is trying to conceal something from you. It’s possible that your husband doesn’t want you to see “something” on your phone, so he’s being cautious. 4. He spends an inordinate amount of time on his phone. When you’re together, he spends a lot of time on the phone, surreptitiously texting someone, and he takes forever to react when you text him.

5. He begins to keep his phone away from you or hide it from view. If he abruptly moves his phone away from you or hides it, it’s because he doesn’t want you to see who he’s texting. He carries his phone with him everywhere. He uses his phone even when he goes to the bathroom, secretly texting someone. He no longer takes his phone out of his sight. He’s hiding something and is most likely messaging someone else.

7. When he texts, he exits the room. Your man is texting someone on his phone as he exits the room. When he receives message notifications, he frequently exits the room. 8. You just get a hunch something is going on. Trust your instincts if you have a gut sense that something is wrong.

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