An incredible gift to the bride from a friend of her late father

Her father died many years before her wedding. His companion, on the other hand, made certain that the bride did not walk down the aisle alone. They grew up across the street from one other. Jerry, Allison’s father, quickly became friends with neighbor Chris Roose. They were close friends until Jerry’s death.Alisson and her mother relocated to another city after losing their father and never saw Chris again. The young lady matured, met, and fell in love with the man who proposed to her. They were getting ready for the wedding.

Allison understood that only Chris, an old friend of her father’s, could escort her down the aisle. She wrote him a letter requesting this honor a few months before the date of the celebration. Chris readily consented, but then the unexpected occurred: his wife was involved in an accident. The trip had to be postponed. “When I found out Chris wouldn’t be able to make it, I decided to walk down the aisle alone.”

“No one could ever replace him,” Elisson says.Garrett, seeing how sad the bride was, couldn’t do anything. He went to the city where Chris lived for a serious chat a few days before the wedding. On the morning of the wedding, just before the ceremony, there was an unexpected knock on the door of the bride’s preparation chamber.

Chris then emerged in front of the astonished Alisson, saying, “Hey, I heard someone is getting married here?””I couldn’t believe it was him.” “I was overjoyed and grateful!” she exclaims. Alisson’s wedding day became even more beautiful and unforgettable thanks to the two most significant men in her life.

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