A heartbroken widower discovers her late wife’s clothes missing from the house on every day.

“Where did her sweater go?” a widower wondered as he rummaged through his late wife’s closet. When the man noticed that two of his wife’s clothes had mysteriously vanished, he installed a hidden camera in his room and discovered something unexpected. Alex’s wife died ten years after their marriage, which was a shocking life event. He adored his late wife, Mary, and was not prepared to live without her.

Eliza, Mary and Alex’s daughter, was born a year after they married. Eliza was devastated by the loss of her mother at such a young age. Every day, she missed her mother and couldn’t understand why she had left so soon. The 9-year-old never expressed her emotions to her peers. Despite Alex’s best efforts to make her feel better after her mother’s death, she stopped sharing her feelings with him.

Except for one request, Eliza never said anything to her father. “Dad, I don’t want you to be a cop,” she would tell him daily. Alex spent the majority of the day at the police station. He was the department’s head and frequently dealt with dangerous criminals. “Don’t be concerned, sweetheart. Your father is safe at work “he would tell Eliza.

Because her father dealt with criminals on a daily basis, the little girl feared losing him. She feared they would hurt him and cause him to abandon her, as her mother had done. “That’s odd!” he exclaimed as he rummaged through the winter clothes in the closet. Alex was searching for a missing document in his wife’s closet a month after her death when he noticed something strange.

“What happened to her yellow jacket?” he wondered. Alex had given his wife a lovely yellow jacket for her birthday, which she had hung in her closet. He was certain he had seen it a few days ago, but it was no longer there. He closed his wife’s closet after finding the document he was looking for, confused. He opened the cupboard again a few days later and noticed his wife’s blue sweater was missing.

“That’s odd!” he exclaimed as he rummaged through the winter clothes in the closet. “It was probably hanging right here when I opened the closet door a few days ago.” Later that evening, Alex had an idea for solving the mystery of the missing clothes. He suspected his daughter was up to something because the house was only him and Eliza. Alex reasoned that installing a hidden camera in my room would be a good idea.

He went to work the next day after purchasing a camera, and installing it while Eliza was at school. Later that night, he reviewed the surveillance footage and noticed Eliza enter his bedroom after she got home from school. The video showed her entering the bedroom and opening Mary’s closet. She then took one of her mother’s sweaters from the cupboard, closed it, and exited the room.

“What is Eliza doing with Mary’s clothes?” Alex pondered this while scratching his brow. “I have to figure out what’s going on in her head.” The next day, Alex stayed at home and pretended to be sick. He made Eliza breakfast and informed her that he would not be going to work today. “I’ll stay after school for my singing class, Dad,” she said to Alex. “I’ll be late getting home.”

“OK, honey,” Alex said as she waved her goodbye. Singing lessons? Alex observed that Eliza had no interest in singing. He suspected his daughter had lied to him and decided to go to her school to find out. Alex left his house in the afternoon to go to Eliza’s school. While the other kids went home with their parents, Alex stood in a corner looking for his daughter.

Eliza walked out of the school building a few minutes later, holding her mother’s sweater. She said her goodbyes to her classmates and exited the school grounds. “What is her destination?” Alex muttered. Then he started following his daughter, making sure she didn’t notice him. Alex realized where Eliza was going after following her for a few minutes.

Alex was overcome with emotion after hearing his daughter’s response. Alex was standing outside the graveyard where he had buried his wife ten minutes later. He stood there watching his daughter cry as he placed the sweater on her mother’s grave. “I really miss you,” Eliza sobbed. “I’m sorry you had to leave me so soon.” Alex became emotional after seeing his daughter cry, and he went inside the cemetery to hug his daughter. “What are you doing here, Dad?” Eliza inquired.

“I’d like to ask you the same question, honey,” he said with a smile. “I know you lied about the singing lesson.” “I was missing my mother,” Eliza explained. “How about this sweater?” Alex inquired. “I know you’ve been raiding your mother’s closet for sweaters.” “I just wanted mom to be warm in heaven,” Eliza said as she approached her mother’s grave. “I brought her these sweaters.” Alex was overcome with emotion after hearing his daughter’s response.

He hugged her tightly and assured her that her mother was fine. “Your mother is so proud of you, Eliza!” he exclaimed. “I miss my mother so much, and I believe you…” Eliza’s words trailed off, and she burst into tears. “How about you, honey?” Alex inquired, concerned. “I believe you will also leave me alone,” she predicted. “You catch bad guys, and I believe they intend to harm you. I’m not prepared to lose you, Dad.”

Alex hugged his daughter and assured her that he would not abandon her. “No one’s going to hurt me, honey,” he assured her. “Bad guys always hurt good cops. That was something I read in a story “Eliza stated. “Dad, I beg you to quit your job. Please?” “However, sweetheart…” “I don’t want to lose you,” cried Eliza. “Dad, please resign from your job.”

Alex decided to quit his job after learning about Eliza’s fears. A few months later, he and a friend started an auto parts business, and he soon noticed a positive change in Eliza’s behavior. She overcame her fear and expressed her feelings to him.

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