Genius Ways To End Any Argument

While it’s entirely fine to disagree on occasion, persistent conflicts are neither pleasant nor healthy. Whether you and your partner are arguing about something major or something seemingly small (like who should do the dishes), knowing how to finish an argument is always a good idea. You may bounce back to a happier, stress-free life — and maybe even salvage your relationship — if you keep a few tricks up your sleeve and know how to defuse such circumstances.

That’s because (unsurprisingly), ineffective arguing can have a real impact. According to relationship specialist Dr. Joanne Davila, PhD, “when couples can’t resolve their arguments, it leads to deepening blame and resentment.” “People ‘dig their heels,’ and partners become polarized against one another.”Knowing what to say, what not to say, and when to say it can make both of your life easier.

According to Davila, “knowing how to end an argument can prevent what begins as a minor disagreement or hurt from escalating into a relationship-ending disaster.” Sounds fairly necessary, doesn’t it? If you want to learn the methods, keep reading for a few brilliant strategies to end your disagreements and have the healthiest, most argument-free relationship possible.When two people disagree, it’s tempting to yell at each other from across the room (or over the phone).

If you want the disagreement to be over fast, sit next to each other instead. “Simple touch, for many, can calm heated emotions before they get out of control,” says relationship specialist Heather Claus. Sometimes just holding hands or sitting with your knees touching is enough.If you and your partner are frequently arguing about trivial matters (such as where to hang a towel or the proper manner to wash dishes), you should just let them be “right.”

“It’s easy to just say, ‘Hey, could you show me (tell me, explain to me) what I’m doing wrong, and what you’d prefer?'” Claus asks. It’s well worth it. According to relationship expert Barry S. Selby, MA, having a go-to “safe word” might be an excellent method to defuse disagreements. If you or your spouse believes that things are getting out of hand, simply say the word and then calm down and actually listen. (Aren’t you a genius?)

Yes, being naked with your partner can help resolve an argument (assuming you’re at home and you’re both okay with it). “It’s difficult to be angry at someone who is naked,” explains marriage and family therapist Jessica Bowen, MA, LMFTA, CHT. “Ultimately, it should remind you that you are both just humans.” Don’t you think it’s humorous but still sweet?

These techniques can help you settle an argument before it escalates. Sure, you may have to “lose” the fight or agree to disagree, but it’s far preferable to seething in rage or allowing the situation to spiral out of hand.

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