Cheesy Beef Taco Pockets

A snack can be as basic as cheese and crackers, but sometimes you want something a little more, and these Cheesy Beef Taco Pockets fit the bill wonderfully. They’re simple to make (just seven ingredients! ), full of creamy, meaty, cheesy goodness, and filling enough to count as a meal if you want a snacky dinner. My entire family adores these, and I’m sure yours will as well.To begin, cook some ground beef and season it with a packet of taco spice.

Easy. But you know what’s really nice? You may substitute ground turkey or black beans, or add some refried beans for good measure. This is an adaptable snack. That’s it for the protein portion; now work on the creaminess quotient, which is just as easy: Combine cream cheese and salsa in a mixing bowl. Done.What do you think I like about these? There is no dough to be made. You only need little flour tortillas (corn falls apart when folded this way).

Spread some of the creamy sauce over the tortilla, followed by some of the beef and, of course, some cheddar cheese. Then you roll them up like a burrito, spread them with melted butter, and bake them.I like to add a little extra cheese on top since I’m always up for additional cheese.

That’s all there is to it! It’s similar to a small, snack-sized burrito. These store and reheat well, making them an excellent choice for a school lunch (simply reheat and wrap in foil before packing) and are fantastic dipped in sour cream, salsa, or guacamole.

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