9 Year Old Boy Passes Police Officer Touching Note In Restaurant will melt your hearts

Childhood dreams are priceless, even if they do not come true for some of us. Noah, who was only 9 years old at the time, had an ambition of becoming a police officer in 2017. The boy was eating breakfast with his mother at a Denny’s in Florida when he observed a cop sitting alone at a nearby table. Officer Eddie Benitez was the name of the cop.When Noah saw the cop, he felt compelled to do something to help him.

9-year-old Noah with police officer Eddie Benitez.

So he told his mother, uneasily, that he had seen Eddie earlier and sought her permission to speak with the police officer. His mother consented, but even after approaching the officer, Noah found it difficult to say anything to him. But Noah just wouldn’t give up. Noah then considered how he could speak with Eddie. He had some birthday money saved up that he intended to use to pay for Eddie’s breakfast. Amanda, his mother, summoned the waiter, who enthusiastically consented to the proposal.

Noah scribbled his message on the receipt. The small boy then approached Eddie and handed him the receipt with his nice note. Eddie was initially perplexed as to why Noah was approaching him. But then the officer read the encouraging remark and leapt up to take a picture with the youngster. Noah’s note was straightforward. “I want to be you when I grow up,” it said. “Thank you for your service, Noah.” Leave it to children to brighten your day with the most insignificant actions!

Noah's note to police officer

Eddie experienced the same thing. In fact, the officer was so moved by the gesture that he keeps the note with him at all times.Eddie said to 10 News that “it meant everything.” It meant that I had to get up every morning, put on this outfit, and go out there and do my job. You know what I mean? It means I must continue to strive to provide a positive example for all of these young men.”

Eddie’s employer, the Lakeland Police Department, found the story equally endearing. So they posted Noah and Eddie’s photo on their Facebook page. Of course, all the attention and respect Noah received for his deed just fueled his desire to become a cop. Hopefully, he succeeds!

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