This Woman Hasn’t Washed Herself In 3 Years & Never Washed Her Bedding. The reason is shocking!

A woman paid 70,000 pounds for the Plas Teg mansion in Wales in 1985. At today’s exchange rate, that equates to approximately 89,000 US dollars. Plas Teg is a sprawling 17th-century estate with ten bedrooms and several huge meeting rooms. Cornelia Bayley, 74, has refused to use any cleaning agents on any of the home’s furniture and hasn’t laundered her bedsheets, rugs, or any upholstery in the 29 years she’s been there.

Bayley, a retired antique dealer, is adamant about preserving the 17th-century mansion in its original condition. She adores living in another period, even if it means going to extreme measures to do so. Bayley’s financial resources have been depleted as a result of the enormous property’s upkeep. She now relies on a little pension to cover her daily costs, so she has no tolerance for excessive spending. Plas Teg had gone years without being cleaned.

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Bayley claimed that she had only cleaned the house a few times in the 29 years she had lived there. Her bathtub, which is packed with mould and grease, sits untouched. Bayley hadn’t washed herself in years, it turned out. She couldn’t afford hot water, so she avoided bathing. Bayley shrugged and admitted she’d never washed her bedsheets or mattress, both of which were possibly over a century old.

She claimed that people rarely washed in the 17th century. So she simply imagined herself to be living in another era, albeit in the present era. “I still live that way,” she explained. With her savings drained, Bayley sought a method to supplement her income. She decided to make Plas Teg available to the public for tours and activities. Unfortunately for her, there were just a few interested parties. They couldn’t handle the grime and muck that had collected over 29 years of barely-clean space.

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She enlisted the assistance of Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners Hayley and Dann to tidy up her space before opening it to the public. Bayley’s living situation terrified the cleaners, who can’t bear germs and dirt. “Cornelia, when was the last time the bedding was washed?!” Hayley inquired. Bayley shrugged and admitted she’d never washed her bedsheets or mattress, both of which were possibly over a century old.

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Bayley refused to use any cleaning chemicals, thus complicating conditions for the cleaners. She instructed the cleaners to scrub with a sponge and water, just like people did in the 17th century. “It doesn’t kill the bacteria then, does it?” Hayley inquired of the homeowner. Bayley is unconcerned. She responded: “Bacteria can survive here.” “I couldn’t give a damn.”At this moment, Hayley and Dann were freaking out on the inside. They reached an agreement with Bayley to use some cleaning liquid, to which she accepted.

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Bayley was ultimately “pleased” with the outcome of their cleaning spree. Despite the fact that she did not agree to their modern finishing touches, which included candles and tables, she was pleased with how they were able to freshen up the room. Centuries-old homes in the United Kingdom have a particular allure, especially when carefully kept. The Beckhams possess a big farmhouse in the country that they turned into a lovely country home.

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