Reuben Pickle Bites

Growing up, my entire family enjoyed dill pickles, but I was especially fond of them. It was a running gag in my family, to the point where as a child I presided over the opening of new jars of dill pickle spears in the same way that a mayor might attend the opening of a new building or facility in their city. And if there was a spare spear when we went out to eat, I was the one who stared at it the entire meal until the owner released it to my hot little hands.

Reuben Pickle Bites

I know I’m not alone because restaurants now serve sandwiches on large cucumbers instead of bread!Long story short, I adore dill pickles, and if you do, you should try these Reuben pickle nibbles. They’re fewer in carbs than conventional sandwiches and have more of that tangy pickle flavor than a typical Reuben sandwich.There’s also some acidity from the homemade Reuben sauce, which incorporates sauerkraut into the mix rather than as a topping.

These small pieces are made up of diced and fried Jewish rye bread, pastrami, and Swiss cheese. I like to use the festive party toothpicks, but you can also use the plastic reusable ones or the bamboo ones.For these images, I got the “slider” dill pickle slices, which appear oblong because they’re cut on an angle.

I had to chop many of them in half to make them the correct size for the toppings. So, if you received the same type, don’t worry- they will work!These small nibbles are ideal for parties and other social gatherings. Best of all, they definitely strike the point for pickle enthusiasts like us!

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