5 signs you’ll see in a man who is strong in all senses of the word and loves you all with his heart

5 symptoms of a man who is powerful in all ways and loves you all with all of his heart 1. accountable. For you and everything else he cares about. He accepts responsibility for his actions and makes an effort to meet your emotional, physical, and financial demands within the limits of reason and rationale.

2. SecureHe prioritizes mutual respect above demanding unfounded surrender. He lets you be yourself and do things that make you happy. He is strong enough to allow you to continue doing the things you have always enjoyed doing before meeting him. He does not despise your buddies in order to keep you all to himself.

3. emotional stability. He does not suppress his emotions and expresses them in appropriate ways. He does not gaslight, and he leaves as little room for hatred as he reasonably can. He is a rock who feels as much as he is emotionally accessible for you when you need it the most. He is neither naïve about you, nor does he lack self-direction.

4. selfless s3x. He prioritizes your satisfaction and ensures that you 0rga$m at all times. He learns what you like and does it the way you want it done. 5. You are not abu$e
No matter how insane things get, neither emotionally nor physically.

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