This pretty twins did a DNA test. The analysis revealed the shocking truth about their father

A genetic test assisted in the resolution of a 75-year-old mystery. Everything the girls thought they knew about their family turned out to be false. This amazing story began in 2017 when identical twins Audrey Bell and Cynthia McFadden, together with their younger sister Stephanie, agreed to perform a genetic DNA analysis to discover more about their history and maybe find relatives.

Audrey couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the first result. An Italian woman from the Palmadesso family discovered she had nothing to do with Italy. Cynthia corroborated the same thing a few months later, writes. The girls had been informed since childhood that their father had Italian and Irish origins, but a genetic test revealed that the sisters’ ancestry are only Irish, Scots, and Spaniards.

In the business that supplied genetic testing services’ general database, 22% of the girls’ DNA matched a particular Tommy Martin – a 79-year-old guy about whom they knew nothing. If he was their grandfather or uncle, this may happen. But how is this possible if their family has never heard of this name before? Cynthia and Audrey decided to do their own inquiry. First and foremost, they informed the business that conducted the study of the unexpected discovery.

There was speculation that their father, who died in 2017, was born as a result of infidelity, and so this Tommy could be the twins’ real grandfather. Thankfully, the sisters were able to locate Tommy Martin and his half-sister Mary. The girls hoped that talking to them would help them figure out what was going on, but all they learned at the time turned out to be merely the tip of the iceberg.

Tommy, who was actually their uncle, had passed a DNA test in order to locate his younger brother, Gerald (Jerry) Martin, who had been kidnapped in 1945. Tommy was six years old, and Jerry was four. A woman approached the brothers while they were riding their bicycles in the courtyard of their Manhattan house and asked if they wanted sweets. The kids were overjoyed with such a proposition. Tommy was advised to wait on the spot, and the stranger escorted his younger brother to the candy store. Jerry was never seen or heard from again.

Audrey, Cynthia, and Stephanie were able to locate a newspaper article about the kidnapping. According to the report, the authorities accused the boys’ biological mother of being involved in the crime. According to reports, the mother was unable to reach an agreement with the father of the children, who took them after the divorce, and decided to resort to extreme measures. However, the inquiry determined that she had nothing to do with the kidnapping, and the case was closed.

Harold, the boys’ father, sought for his son for years without success.Much has now become obvious in this story, albeit the sisters were still unsure that their father, whom they knew as the Italian Richard Rocco Palmadesso, was the abducted infant Gerald 75 years ago in the United States. Everyone who could corroborate or disprove the story has died. Richard did not have a bond with his father and rarely spoke about him after his grandma left when their father was 12 years old.

The twins then chose to speak with a relative – the son of their father’s brother – and he revealed that he knew the late Richard was adopted but had kept it a secret his entire life. At the same moment, the man learned for the first time about the abduction narrative. He always thought his uncle’s biological mother was a nanny named Helen, who reared Richard and subsequently his daughters before dying when Audrey and Cynthia were 10 years old.

The twins weren’t sure what to trust. However, it was difficult to disagree with the facts: DNA testing revealed that they were not linked to the Palmadesso family, and Tommy was the nearest relative. Cynthia and Audrey are still perplexed. Was Jerry their biological father? Who are his biological parents? However, no one is available to address these inquiries. The twins’ father took this secret to his death, and it’s possible that he didn’t know the truth about his own birth.

But the girls are confident that they will discover the conclusion to this incredible narrative sooner or later. Meanwhile, the Italians are establishing contact with new relatives. The sisters traveled to Florida at the end of November to see Tommy and Mary in person. Their uncle turned out to have a lot in common with their father. He, like Richard, enjoys movies, plays, and coconut cake. And he looks a lot like his younger brother.

Although the girls have not been able to fully expose the truth of their father’s birth, their investigation has helped them discover more about him. Several others spoke with him about his childhood and youth, as well as his relationship with foster parents. Palmadesso’s grandmother was quite severe with him and would not even allow him to speak at the table, so Richard grew up to be a very timid and frightened youngster.

Tommy, their new uncle, had a difficult childhood as well. Jerry’s relationship with his father deteriorated following his kidnapping. The man recalls his father crying a lot. He had spent many years looking for his youngest son and couldn’t believe he was no longer alive. Tommy is relieved that he was able to locate his brother’s family. He is certain that Richard is the same Jerry who was abducted before his eyes by an unknown woman. He regrets it to this day.

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