Man dumps his wife and the five children he raised for nine years after discovering they had deceived him for years.

Although he was flawed in many ways, one man believed he had a loving family. Only to realize later that they had been fooling him for years, leaving him ready to cut them off for good.Electrical_Claim_69, a Reddit user, turned to the platform to question his fellow netizens if he was in the wrong. For nearly a decade, he says he helped raise his ex-wife’s five children, who are not his biological offspring.

He claimed that he treated them as if he were their biological father, despite the fact that their biological fathers were not present in their lives.They were trying to figure things out between themselves after the separation at one point. He was working in another state at the time, but he would still make an effort. As he put it: “I worked out of state and talked to her and the kids on a regular basis, just like a husband and father would, and spent my days off with them all.”

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He was also looking after their finances. “If I had found out what they were doing,” he added in the post, “I would have stopped paying all the bills.” The Man of the House or Several Men in the House? While working and attempting to reconcile with his ex-wife, the man said that she would see other men and bring them home. But that was nothing compared to what she and the kids did. According to a Reddit user:

“Well, the lying began when I discovered by chance that the father of three of the children had gotten out of jail and was spending time with my wife and children behind my back because no one wanted me to find out because he told them not to tell me.”Furthermore, the man discovered that the children had been assisting their mother in concealing any proof of any man she had been seeing. Hurt by their dishonesty, the guy eventually chose to permanently cut ties with his ex-wife and her children.

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There were many comments from Redditors and Facebook users who saw his story. Many Redditors were entirely on his side, with one person saying: “Not at all.” You were a stand-up man to them, and they treated you horribly. “Best of luck to you.”Many people on Reddit and Facebook agreed with his decision to divorce his wife, but they questioned his decision to divorce his children. They inquired as to how old each of the children was, how much control they had in the situation, and how much they understood.

Some commenters went deeper into the original poster. They thought he made a bad decision by meeting and married a woman who had five children with different men in the first place. One Facebook member wrote: “Anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to date someone who has 5 kids from multiple partners, especially when the parents of 2, 3, and 5 are in prison (so #4 is probably the result of cheating), has set themselves up for disaster.” Such a person, whether male or female, is not stable. “What on earth was he thinking?”

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