Vintage Prune Cake

When I stumbled across this antique recipe, the name prune cake did not immediately pique my interest. Despite the fact that I enjoy prunes, I couldn’t get their unfavorable reputation out of my head. But, after reading so many comments on how moist and amazing their mother’s prune cake was, I felt compelled to try it for myself. And I’m so pleased I did!

Prune cake 9-min

During my investigation, I discovered that many of the earlier recipes were extremely similar. The biggest difference I saw was in how the prunes were prepared. Some recipes simply cut them into little pieces, while others cooked them down to a jelly consistency before baking them into the cake. We chose the former alternative for the sake of simplicity.

Another personal preference was whether to bake the cake in a 913 dish or a bundt pan. We feel that keeping and serving from a rectangle dish is much easier, therefore we usually always choose for that! This dish could still be baked in a bundt pan for added style points!

The recipe is quite simple and takes only a few minutes to prepare. While the cake bakes, prepare a simple glaze to ensure the moisture is sealed in. The cake was even better the next day, after all of the flavors had chance to merge. But it doesn’t mean I didn’t sneak a few slices on the first day. Overall, I’d call this antique recipe a great success!

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