Southern Smothered Pork Chops

Pork chops and applesauce are fine, but why not pair your pork chops with a salty, flavorful, somewhat creamy gravy? That sounds incredible (and it is), but I haven’t even mentioned how the pork chops are lightly pan-fried, so the skin is wonderfully crispy and the interior is oh-so moist. This is the kind of skillet dinner that is easy to make but excellent. You won’t hear a peep from anyone at dinner if you spoon that sauce over some mashed potatoes; they’ll be too busy eating it.

There is no stovetop to oven transition here; all of the cooking takes place in your pan on the stovetop. It works better in a cast iron skillet, but any skillet will suffice. First, season the pork chops with a tasty spice mixture and lightly coat them with flour. You’ll sear them in a hot skillet with a little oil until they’re brown on both sides – don’t worry about them cooking through yet – and then leave them aside while you make the gravy.

As with many wonderful things, it begins with onions and garlic. Cook the onions low and slow until they begin to caramelize, then add the garlic to the pan. Once that’s fragrant, add a flour and butter mixture, followed by some chicken stock, which will thicken right up. The final silken touch is cream, and at that point, you may nestle the pork chops back into the sauce to complete cooking. With pork, a meat thermometer is essential; allow it to reach 145°F before removing it from the flame.

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