4 Reasons why You Should Try Dating Someone Older Than You

As of now, your dating life may have been limited to your freshman year of college, coworkers, or the boundaries you’ve established for yourself on Tinder. However, if you are dissatisfied with your current dating pool, or if you feel stuck or misunderstood, it could be a sign that you are destined to be with someone older. Going up a few (or many) years in your dating life may not only broaden your options, but it may also introduce you to someone who feels like a better match.But keep in mind that age isn’t everything.

“What you need to do is ask yourself what it is that you want out of a relationship and let that be your guide,” psychotherapist and radio personality Dr. Joshua Klapow tells Bustle. “There are many older men and women who are chronologically older but lack the social, emotional, intellectual, and intimate maturity you seek.” So looking for evidence of’maturity’ or ‘experience’ is usually a better method to determine if you need someone different.”

If you’re frustrated by everyone’s shenanigans online, or if you’re having trouble connecting with younger coworkers, maturity may be just what you need. Allow yourself some wiggle room and broaden your search to include persons you might have dismissed as too “old” in the past. They’ll most likely bring a variety of amazing traits to the table, and will be a welcome difference from what you’re used to. Continue reading for some indications that this is exactly what you need to do.

1. You’re Over Drama. While dating someone older will not ensure a lack of drama — because drama may happen at any age — it may enhance your chances of finding a spouse who can manage their emotions. “Older [partners] are typically past the point of game-playing because they’ve hopefully already been in a serious relationship and have learned how to be vulnerable,” author and life coach Kali Rogers explains. That can be very refreshing. To purchase, go here.

2. You are drawn to people with a history. Dating an older person frequently entails being with someone who has already been married or has children. So, if that doesn’t bother you — or if it appears to be a positive thing — it could be the ideal partnership. However, Rogers adds that situations like this can lead to envy, so make sure you’re okay with exes and the like before joining in.

3. You’ve Always Had An Elderly Soul. If you’re scrolling through Tinder and feel like everyone is so much younger than you, now could be the time to broaden your dating age range to include someone a little more established in life. “If you aren’t quite fitting in with your peers because of differences in interests, you are probably meant to date someone from a different generation,” Rogers adds.

4. You’ve Had A Lot Of Life Experiences. If your life experience has caused you to grow up quickly, you may feel more at ease with someone who has also been there. “For example, someone who has been on their own earlier than usual,” explains Dr. Venessa Marie Perry, a relationship expert. “The woman who leaves home early, whether by choice or necessity, will be more mature and seek an older partner.”

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