She was homeless, but she never asked for money. One day…

She was homeless, yet she never begged for money. She had a message in her hand and was begging others to read it. Someone finally read the note after 16 years. Everything changed after that. On paper, this is what it says…. A woman in her eighties has a wonderful narrative to tell the world, but it does not end happily. Wanda Ritter hasn’t slept in her own bed at home in 16 years. Everyone thought she was insane, but she insisted that “the government owed her $100,000 dollars” every day.

She took a suitcase full of documents and unpaid checks with her, but no one noticed. Everyone assumed she was simply another lunatic… Wanda was a mother of four children and a locksmith. On the streets of Washington, she insisted that the Social Security Administration owed her a large sum of money.”I was crazy to get rid of the luggage,” they said. “I told myself that if I did something stupid, people would think I was crazy.” She went on to explain.

Everything changed, however, when Julie Turner, a 56-year-old social worker, heard her story and became interested in her case. She shook her head in astonishment as she examined the papers. “She required financial assistance, not mental health assistance.” Turner mentioned that she owes the government $100,000. But how did the woman understand the situation?

Wanda began receiving cheques ranging from $300 to $900 each month. The woman did not cash the checks because she suspected something was wrong with them, so she returned them, but Ritter checked the deviation with Social Security Services. “Who would have believed me if I had collected them and claimed that a mistake had been made?”

Ritter told local reporters that she believes she can solve the case once she has it under control. Ritter was able to secure a $500 flat with the help of a miracle worker named Julie Turner. Ritter received her first $1,644 Social Security cheque a week after the story went viral.

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