Magic Chicken Pie

So, what’s the big deal with Magic Chicken Pie? Consider a Chicken Pot Pie in which you don’t have to bake a crust (or buy one and roll it out) but still end up with a layered and tasty crust-topped pie. It’s almost like magic. That’s exactly what our Magic Chicken Pie does with a few simple ingredients and some smart stacking!Magic Chicken Pie begins with a layer of cubed butter in the bottom of a baking dish, melted in the oven.

You place some shredded chicken on top of the melted butter, then some mixed vegetables and chopped onion. (It makes a very traditional pot pie filling.)Cheddar cheese is added next, which isn’t quite as traditional, but I’ve never complained about the addition of cheese.Then the magic begins! You mix Bisquick and milk together and pour it over the layers you’ve made.

As it bakes, the soup and batter layers combine to form a crust, and part of the liquid travels all the way to the bottom, encasing the vegetables and meat in a delicious sauce.There’s no hands-on effort here – no time spent on the burner making the filling, no cutting in or rolling out the crust – and yet you end up with a layered and bubbling bake that the whole family enjoys. It’s the simplest pot pie I’ve ever made, but it doesn’t mean it lacks flavor!

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