Cheesecake Crescent Rolls

Is there anything a crescent roll cannot accomplish? They’re delicious rolled up and cooked straight from the can, but they’re the chameleon of storebought dough. They can hold savory ham and cheese or make a delectable taco app, but here they serve as cheesecake crust in an almost-too-easy dessert that requires only a few ingredients and a few minutes of your time.This is more cheesecake than crescent roll, but not quite cake-like. It’s excellent as is. And simple to create.

Simply begin with two cans of crescent rolls, one of which is rolled out and placed in the bottom of a baking dish.Then you top that with a fast filling (simply cream cheese, sugar, salt, and vanilla) and then the second can of crescent rolls. (Of course, unrolled.)

Plenty of melted butter and cinnamon sugar round out the picture, and the perforations in the dough make portioning, slicing, and serving a breeze. The only problem is that these are difficult to quit at just one portion!

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