Mom Moved To Tears When Son Speaks Up During Wedding Photoshoot

Weddings can be extremely emotional for all parties involved. When the big day arrives, there is a lot that needs to be spoken, but the bride in this story had no idea what she would end up hearing from her own son. This was such a touching moment that even the wedding photographer on hand was moved to tears, and it’s simple to see why.You are far stronger than we will ever be if you can see this one without reaching for a tissue.

Alexis Marie Helzer (@alexismarie43 on TikTok) is the one who chose to share this tearjerker with us today. We join her at the altar as the video begins. She is standing alongside her spouse and their two young children. Her tiny son has the most affectionate look on his face. The camera picks up when he points to his mother and murmurs something very precious to her. We’re glad it happened because it’s one of the cutest things we’ve seen in a long time.

“Mommy, you look beautiful,” he adds, smiling. Naturally, the pair becomes emotional.How could you possible keep your cool in that situation? The bride tries her hardest to keep things together, but it doesn’t take long for the tears to pour. The tears have already started, but the real fun begins when the little kid leans in to tell her she’s lovely for the second time. He wanted to be certain she heard him.

The message was heard clearly and loudly. “So thankful this was captured on my wedding day,” she says. It is a memory she will cherish for the rest of her life. Since it was posted, the TikTok has had approximately 40 million views, and we expect it will receive many, many more. In and of themselves, the comments are quite moving.

“the way he looks at her and maintains eye contact…”I can’t,” one viewer stated. “He’s like, ‘Why are you crying?'” ‘DID YOU NOT HEAR ME?!’ said another. If you’re anything like us, this one will transport you back to when your children were young.

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