Congo Bars

Do you know why these are known as Congo Bars? I don’t. But I do know they’re an absolutely delicious thick and chewy bar laden with two kinds of chocolate and plenty of brown sugar and butter taste. If a blondie and a chocolate chip cookie had a kid, and then you increased the chocolate a little for good measure, you’d have these. They’re soft and just gooey enough, and they’re a true classic.

These bars have a long shelf life, but they’re actually a vintage recipe. Congo Bars have been popular in church cookbooks and grandmother’s kitchens for decades, and they still taste just as excellent today. That’s usually a good hint that they’re ideal for bake sales, potlucks, and parties, but I don’t mind having a tray sitting out on my own kitchen counter as an afternoon pick-me-up. (No one else in my family has expressed dissatisfaction with this.)

Other advantages? They’re simple to manufacture. It’s a one-bowl batter in which you simply mix together some butter and brown sugar before adding in eggs, vanilla, flour, and other ingredients, as well as milk chocolate chips and semi-sweet chocolate chunks.

The two types of chocolate melt somewhat differently, ensuring that you get a good hit of chocolate in every bite while not being overly sweet.Everything you love about a chocolate chip cookie is here, but richer and with a thicker, chewier bite. They’re a go-to dessert bar – simple to adore, simple to create, and simple to rely on.

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