The husband learned that we had given birth to twin daughters and suggested leaving one in the maternity home

When my husband, Sean, and I found out we were carrying a kid, we had no idea what awaited us. One day, I awoke feeling ill, and my entire body began to ache and groan. Immediately summoned an, and the “three in a hurry” bag including all necessary documents was already packed.

Sean remained outside while they rushed me to the hospital. I gave birth to not one, but two baby daughters in just a few hours, which was a complete surprise!They told us there was just one child throughout the examinations, but my tummy was huge due to a large fetus and excess amniotic fluid.

Sean was taken aback and immediately unprepared. I called my mother-in-law and told her everything. She congratulated me on the births of my children, calling it a double blessing. My doctor entered the room at that point and overheard some of the dialogue.

He tried to persuade me to take only one child home and leave the other in the hospital based on what he had heard. However, we eventually took both children home and apologized for his first attitude.Our daughters are now sixteen years old and the best of friends. They assist me with housework, Neas never ceases to praise me for our daughters, and I am proud of them.

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