What Does It Mean To Dream Of Your Partner Cheating?

When you get a full six hours of unbroken sleep at night, you’re grateful. (And if you can fit in a great dream about a spotless kitchen and kids who don’t fight, even better.) But what happens when your partner’s overnight rest includes romantic time – and you’re not present? Cheating dreams are frequently nightmares that are difficult to shake even when the sun comes up. So, what does it imply to dream that your boyfriend is cheating on you?

It may not be what you expect.Even if it’s simply a dream, watching your lover having sex with another person is upsetting – beautiful dreams aren’t made of this. However, they could be an indication that your subconscious is trying to communicate with you. “These dreams are upsetting, but they are good for you because they are attempting to help you improve your current relationship by shining a light on what is wrong with it,” according to dream specialist Lauri Loewenberg to Romper.

Heterosexual couple holding hands in bed

Here’s what it means to have a dream about your boyfriend straying – and how to mend the relationship. A cheating dream may indicate that something is coming between you and your lover “I have found that the most common reason we dream our partner is cheating is because there is something in the relationship that feels like a third wheel,” Loewenberg explains.

“It’s usually work, but it could be anything from your partner spending too much time with their friends, working on a side hustle, or even a new baby who has become the object of affection.” A dream about adultery does not have to be about another person, but rather about something that has the potential to ruin your relationship. So, if it’s safe to presume that your partner is devoted, consider what’s making you feel excluded or as if you’re not spending enough time with them.

When you’ve identified the problem, talk to your partner about it so that your feelings are heard and you can both dedicate more time to the relationship. A cheating dream could be the result of been cheated on in the past. “If the infidelity happened in your current relationship, these dreams are a very clear indication that this is an issue that is still alive within you,” Loewenberg suggests. To resolve your predicament, she recommends seeking professional treatment from a marriage or relationship counselor.

Dreams about your partner cheating can be a sign of many things

If the adultery occurred before the start of your relationship, your dream could be an indication that you still have feelings of distrust or uneasiness. Take some time to determine whether something in your life is triggering you and, more crucially, when the dream (or dreams) began. This might help you choose if your dream should be dismissed or interpreted as a sign that history is repeating itself.A cheating dream may indicate a schism in your relationship.

“The dream could mean that you and your partner are emotionally disconnected,” certified psychologist Dr. Danine Dean tells Romper. When your relationship becomes static or you’re overwhelmed with other priorities, like filling sippy cups and potty training, all that sexiness that you and your partner got off on can fade away. So, if both you and your partner have been faithful, dreaming of your partner cheating could indicate that you are no longer involved in the relationship.

But, before you talk to a partner about it, Dr. Dean suggests you ask yourself a few questions. “The goal of discussing your dreams with your partner might be to help yourself identify what it means to you or your partnership,” she says. “Is discussing this going to bring us closer together or make us feel further apart?” Finally, being able to communicate your dreams with your partner may make you feel more safe and satisfied in your relationship.

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