On the shore, a man met a mysterious child, and when he looked into his eyes, he froze in astonishment

The father stood in the rain, his gaze fixed on the horizon. He remembered two of their dearest and most adored women. Jack was brought back to reality when his daughter called. She was inviting him to lunch. When Jack entered the kitchen, he noticed a skinny young man sat at the table. Anastasia was preparing the meal.Igor is her father’s name. They were both students at the same university.

Helen informed her father after lunch that she was pregnant and that their wedding will be soon. She knew it would be difficult for her father to accept the situation, but she couldn’t keep him in the dark. She went to see her father after apologizing to Igor. Andrey plunged into his recollections once more. He was madly in love with her. She had a lovely name. He never ventured to approach her, and she quickly went away. After a while, he discovered that Vera was no longer with them.

It had a significant impact on Jack. He paid frequent visits to her grave, carrying flowers. When he observed a woman visiting Vera, he waited until she departed before approaching the grave. They had to meet face to face one day.Andrey guessed right away. Vera’s sister had called. She was a carbon copy of her. Andrey was rendered speechless. When he looked at the woman, he recognized Vera in her, the same glance, the same cherished eyes.

Andrey began to cry. Nadia sat next to him and hugged him. She then invited him to her home and graciously offered him a cup of tea. He kept calling her Vera all evening, not recognizing it. He then knelt and begged her to marry him. Nadia, to her surprise, accepted. Andrey was pleased when she became pregnant. A newborn girl was born with the same eyes as Vera.

Lyubov was her given name. Nadia was no longer present fifteen years into their blissful marriage. Several years had passed, but the agony of her loss had not abated… Lyuba soon gave birth to a daughter. Andrey requested that their daughter be named Vera, and Lyuba consented. Andrey’s face eventually lit up with a wonderful smile, and his eyes glowed.

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