This girl has one question she asks at every interview, which always gets her the job

Job interviews are typically somewhat stressful. Furthermore, almost everyone has had at least one awkward and disappointing interview. However, one TikTok user has revealed her trick to constantly finding a job. She reveals the one job interview question she never fails to ask. Jennifer Reardon is a TikTok user who recently became popular for her pioneering advise, one job interview question she consistently asks prospective employers.

She claims to have “been offered the position for every job” she has “interviewed for.” Along with other helpful tips like “Do your interview, be normal,” Jennifer suggests that this job interview question will be most useful at the end of the interview. The final question you should ask at the end of the interview is, “Are there any concerns you have about me that we can address before we end?” Jennifer describes in her video how she has always had wonderful success with this.

@notjenneeree | TikTok

“You guys, they’ll have concerns, and then it’ll be your turn to address them, and then they won’t have any concerns,” she says. Every circumstance, like everything else, has advantages and disadvantages. This excellent concept for a job interview question is no exception. While many viewers thought that this may be extremely beneficial, others soon noted that it “puts interviewers on the spot.”

“I’ve tried this, I just get weird looks, followed by them saying something like, ‘No, we already asked you everything,’ in a sarcastic tone,” one person said. In the meantime, another user proposed a different way to phrase Jennifer’s insightful job interview question. “I ask, what concerns do you have about my ability to play this role?” HIRED!!” They elaborated.

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