6 Signs You Are Not A Couple Anymore…You’re Just Roommates

Roommate syndrome can affect anyone, whether they are married or in a long-term committed relationship. Over time, people change, circumstances change, and relationships evolve. The novelty and thrill of the early phases of a relationship will wear off, and reality will set in. It can be difficult to keep the fire burning after the partnership has spent months in the clouds with insane love and desire. Compatibility, good chemistry, and shared beliefs and life goals will go a long way toward maintaining a strong relationship and preventing roommate syndrome.Here are six warning signals that you may have become roommates.

1. You Have Two Lives. Remember when you and your partner would spend hours together, exchanging thoughts and dreams, and everything seemed magical? But things have changed dramatically since then. You appear to be living different lives now, each with your own set of interests and activities. You don’t necessarily oppose what the other person is doing, but you’re also not especially involved. You find yourself coming home, perhaps having a little catch-up discussion, and then going your separate way.

But this isn’t just about hobbies. It is about your complete daily existence. You probably get up at different times, eat at different times, and go to bed at different times. It’s as if you and your partner are living together but on completely different schedules. That is not to argue that having different hobbies is a bad thing. After all, we all require our own space and time. However, if you find yourselves living in parallel rather than sharing adventures together, this could indicate that you’re more like roommates than couples.

2. Intimacy is a dying art form. Kisses become more of a polite gesture, while embraces become less popular. Not only that, but in-depth, heart-to-heart discussions are becoming increasingly rare. Do you remember a time when you could chat about anything? Nowadays, instead of talking about your dreams, people talk about their daily activities.3. Communication Is Now Practical,

Practical matters are crucial, but your discussions should go beyond that. Your partnership should also contain meaningful conversations and unexpected surprises. When your conversations lack depth and merely cover the basics, it could mean you’re treating each other more like roommates than lovers. 4. There will be no fighting. You two are incredibly courteous to one another. Not that you should yell at each other, but no fighting means no passion or fire.

You have checked out of your relationship when you are so disconnected from your partner that you cannot be bothered to have a fight, or you simply stop speaking to one another because they annoy you all the time.5. There is a lack of common goals. The shared journey is one of the most lovely aspects of being in a relationship. Having common objectives, dreams, and ambitions as a partnership can bring you closer together. But what if you discover you no longer share those dreams?

You may have separate financial plans, or your work trajectories may have diverged. It’s possible that your life goals no longer coincide, and you feel as if you’re moving in opposite directions. That sense of belonging, the concept of “we,” appears to have given way to “I.” Your ideas and dreams are unique, and it appears like you are simply sharing a space rather than creating a life together. If you can relate to this circumstance, you may have evolved from a spouse attitude to a roommate arrangement.

6. Inadequate Emotional Support. When life throws us curveballs, we frequently seek emotional support from our spouses. But what if such help is no longer available? Imagine arriving home from a long day at work and expecting some encouraging words, a hug, or perhaps a listening ear. Instead, you’re met with a blank stare or a flippant “that sucks.” It appears like your lover is no longer concerned about your emotional well-being. Being unable to support one another during difficult times is a red sign. In a love relationship, emotional support is essential. If you feel alone in your emotional storms while living under the same roof, it could be an indication that you’re living like roommates.

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