Chocolate Lovers Shocked After Finding Out What M&M’s Stands For

Previously, those who tried M&M’s for the first time were astounded by the taste. However, even the story behind this delectable chocolate has gone viral on social media. Claire Dinhut, an American living in London, chose to explain the family drama surrounding this chocolate on TikTok.

She went on to say that the chocolate’s name was inspired by business partners and chocolate heirs Bruce Murrie and Forrest Mars Sr. For those who are curious, Bruce was the son of Hershey CEO William Murrie, and Forrest was the son of Mars founder Frank C. Mars.

She told the narrative of Forrest E. Mars having a falling out with his father, the original creator of Mars, in her TikTok video, which received 9000 likes. “My most fun candy history fact is M&M and why it’s called M&M, basically there’s so much family drama here and it’s so juicy, it’s so good,” she explained.

This father created the Mars company before Hershey’s, and his son was particularly adept at coming up with chocolate bars.” She then said that the son had been traveling around Europe and had seen people eating chocolate covered in candies. He didn’t want to tell his father about this idea because he had a falling out with him, so he went to their arch-rivals, Hershey’s.

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