Always turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your smartphone when you are sleeping. Here’s why!

When sleeping, always turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your smartphone. This is why!Do you check your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth settings before going to bed? Do you turn them off or keep them on? Nobody, in my opinion, switches off their Wi-Fi before going to bed. However, if you leave your Wi-Fi on, you are completely incorrect.

This function, according to many specialists around the world, should be turned off while sleeping. And you’re probably wondering why. Because you are wasting your battery life and decreasing it at the same time. It is quite simple. You don’t need this feature to be enabled because you won’t be using your smartphone when sleeping, right?

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Yes, we all know that Wi-Fi is fantastic, quick, and quite handy. However, many specialists from around the world have researched this and all agree that it may be harmful to us. Since 1997, Wi-Fi has been present. Since then, numerous studies have been conducted to investigate this “problem.” They’ve also discovered that Wi-Fi can have a negative impact on human health in general, particularly in children.

Note: In 2008, the prestigious newspaper Scientific American published an article titled “Mind Control by Cell Phone” that explained the dangers of Wi-Fi on the human brain.

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