Lots of people are uninformed of why they should always close the toilet lid before flushing.

Do you close the toilet lid before flushing it? If the answer is yes, congratulations! Continue to do so. If you responded no, here’s some information to help you modify your ways. This is why, when flushing the toilet, you should always close the lid. Your toilet is a germ factory. This may not be news to you, but there are ways to keep bacteria from spreading throughout your toilet and bathroom.

One gram of excrement includes 10 million viruses, a million germs, 1,000 parasitic cysts, and 100 parasitic eggs, according to Initial Hygiene Services. The germ that spreads might live for weeks. The humid climate in the toilet is to blame. Experts estimate that every time you flush the toilet, roughly a million bacteria escape. They also do not stay in the toilet unless the lid is closed.

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The toilet ‘launches’ millions of microorganisms that can reach your toothbrush. This has been widely documented since Dr. Charles Gerba’s landmark study was published in 1975. According to the study, E. Coli germs can persist in the air for six hours after flushing the water. The toilet “sneezes out” millions of bacteria, which can end up on your toothbrush.

Can you predict where all of these microorganisms will end up? The carpet, bath, towels, toothbrush, and deodorant are all on the shelf. Microbes in the toilet may travel 7 meters and adhere to you, surfaces, and virtually everything. This is known as ‘the sneezing effect’. This occurs when falling water bounces up small droplets containing microorganisms linked with fecal and urine remnants.

The most crucial point, though, is this: “The most important thing is to thoroughly wash your hands.” Thoroughly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Many individuals use disinfectants to protect themselves against disease and vomiting, but this is insufficient. “A hand disinfectant can supplement, but not replace, hand washing,” says Bjorn Halquist, director of the hygiene service business Initial.

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