My daughter unexpectedly requested a lottery ticket one day, and I had little money, but I chose to make her happy, and then something truly wonderful happened.

Lika will accompany Marinka to kindergarten tomorrow, then return to her modest room in the communal apartment and begin her remote work as an accountant. But today, on the last evening of the New Year’s vacation, Lika and her daughter Marina are going for a walk. “And where are you going at this late hour?” Olga Zakharivna Merzlyakova, a former teacher who seemed to want to control everything, inquired as they were preparing to leave the flat.

“Oh, Olga Zakharivna, nowhere extraordinary. “It’s not even seven yet,” Lika quickly replied, anxious to get away. “We’re going for a walk and eating ice cream,” Marina said. “And I have kindergarten in the morning.” Mommy is an accountant who works a lot, and I keep her occupied.””Of course,” Olga Zakharivna replied. “An accountant, of course.” “I hope you poison yourself with your own venom,” Lika said to her daughter as she led her out of the apartment.

The mother told her daughter on the street, “First, we’ll go to the bank and get some money for ice cream.” “Can you buy me a lottery ticket, Mom?” Where should I scrape the square? You can count to a hundred more or less. But it makes your daughter happy.” The bank branch was quite empty. “I know this lady!” says the author. In the calm room, everyone heard the child’s exclamation. “Which one?” “He’s the one in the green jacket.”

She works as a blogger. Merzlyakova, Ksyusha.” Without any ulterior reasons, the girl in green grinned blissfully at the “popular recognition.” “Once upon a time, grandma Olga and I were watching her devour bugs. Aunt Olga then turned off the device. She claimed that I was too young to watch such things. The blogger attempted to flee the spotlight. And everyone was laughing hysterically.”

It was Lika’s time at the cash register. “Please, withdraw eight hundred rubles and two lottery tickets,” she instructed the cashier. “There are only four of you remaining. Will you accept them?” Lika concurred. Let’s say four. “Mom, I have three little houses here,” Marina explained as she gave her mother the winning lottery ticket. Three tiny dwellings!!! That’s a capital apartment… After a month, mother and daughter had moved into a brand-new two-bedroom apartment on the tenth floor…

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