This woman is suspicious of her husband after hiring a babysitter. She installs a nanny camera and discovers the truth.

Reddit user @u/throwaway56997 recounted in a 2021 post how she uncovered her spouse cheating months after suspecting him. The 31-year-old Original Poster (OP) set up a camera and recorded her 34-year-old husband making out with their 17-year-old babysitter. To begin the post, the OP revealed that she had had doubts about her spouse for approximately four months, ever since she hired a 17-year-old babysitter to care for her three-year-old daughter.

She explained that she was a full-time nurse, while her spouse worked three nights a week and slept in during the day. After months of worrying about her husband cheating on her, the OP placed a camera to validate her fears. “I felt I was going crazy because something was off and he refused to ease my mind and answer questions I had – so I put a camera in the living room and saw nothing til day 4 where he and the babysitter were making out on the couch behind my daughter’s back while she was watching tv,” she stated.

The OP was overcome with emotions, as would anyone who had just discovered their husband was cheating. “I felt all kinds of negative feelings including guilt even though I just wanted to keep my job when he complained about me pushing him to the side,” she stated. When she confronted her husband, he expressed regret, but the OP revealed that she had gone with her daughter to remain at her mother’s place. He was still sorry one month after he was arrested, she revealed, blaming the babysitter for initiating their connection.

While the OP was ready to leave the marriage, her husband succeeded in making her feel guilty by blaming his behavior on the OP for not dressing up and paying attention to him. She concluded her message by saying she was unsure how to handle the issue because her spouse was appealing for a second chance. “He’s begging for a second chance and his family are defending him against me,” she stated.

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